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The following demonstrates the tremendous return-on-investment generated by our Checkmate product.
Based on one operator using one Checkmate
When a Checkmate is given to an experienced operator Eildon guarantee the unit will generate a minimum 5% increase in performance, and this can be expected to produce a similar increase in production output. If one operator were to use a Checkmate constantly the attached sheet indicates the payback period will be 4.5 months. A return-on-investment of 504.56 for an outlay of only 189.00.
Based on a group of six operators using one Checkmate
The recommended application for Checkmate is for an operator to have the unit for approximately four weeks, then pass it on to a colleague. The original operator may get the Checkmate back again for four weeks 6 months later. Used this way one Checkmate will constantly rotate between six operators generating and maintaining a minimum 5% increase in performance and productivity from each. Eildon's guarantee still applies.
Again on the attached sheet it can be demonstrated that, payback is now well within three months, and the return-on-investment 2,500.88, for the same outlay of only 189.00
Average number of Checkmates required
Normally one Checkmate for every six operators is adequate, although some operators do like to have a Checkmate permanently. The final sheet shows how Checkmate can generate substantial savings for a modest investment.
Applications in Training
Checkmate has been used successfully in training operators since first introduced in 1981. An analysis of results indicates the time it takes to train an operator can be reduced by 20%, or more. We have evidence of up to 33% reductions. In training the operator has the use of a Checkmate constantly.

Note: If the factors we have used to establish the payback differ from those that apply in your company, substitute any number(s) and calculate your own payback. Alternatively, contact Eildon who will be happy to generate the return-on-investment using your numbers.

Over 15 years our customers have used Checkmate successfully, and Eildon have always guaranteed results. We are sure your company can benefit from the use of Checkmate, and we are pleased to answer any questions about Checkmate, or any Eildon product.