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Hand Held Time Tracker



For downtime monitoring, activity sampling, event recording, job costing and analysis.

For use in any type of production environment where anything is produced ranging from information,legal services to heavy engineering and large volume process plants

This incredibly versatile system enables time spent on any activity to be analysed in detail in order to solve problems.

The standard unit is a small battery-operated handset.

The whole process is simple and straightforward and yet the benefits are enormous.

Simply allocate the tasks you want to record to individual buttons or groups of buttons and by pressing a button you log start date, time and duration.

Whenever convenient the recorded information is downloaded from the handset direct to the PC TimeTracker software.There is no need for manual download entry.

The information is presented on the PC in a useful and easily understood format and can be exported to other suitable applications for further analysis.

Amongst the many uses for TimeTracker is the recording of activity of machinery and other high value capital equipment to accurately identify and log downtime for the easy recognition of recurring problems, thus helping to improve productivity and profit.

Or you may wish to analyse the time gaps and inefficiencies of a production process by allocating the unit in a work cell or attaching it to a job as it moves through each manufacturing stage.

Or maybe you need to know how much time, and on what activity or client, individuals are using - in many different office environments.

TimeTracker is designed to be used in a wide range of environments and the handset can be supplied with a protective clear silicone sleeve for wet and/or dirty environments

The list of applications for TimeTracker is endless, have a look at some interesting case studies