Industrial TimeTracker has been withdrawn from the product line
- September 2006

Timos have announced the withdrawal of the Industrial TimeTracker from their range.

A replacement product is under development.

StudyMate, the digital time study board, now discontinued
- March 2003

Eildon have now ceased production of the StudyMate digital time study board.

We still provide a spares and repair service for existing StudyMates, email for details about repairs or technical support.

Steetley commit to PC-CheckMate, QRD & TimeTracker Connect
- January 2003

Steetley Bentonite & Absorbents have recently taken delivery of 6 off QRD's and 6 off TimeTracker Connect units, to monitor production and downtime on all of their packaging machine lines in Real-Time. Steetley initially installed a QRD and TimeTracker on one line before committing to a full installation,

Both the QRD's and TimeTracker units are wired directly into the packaging machine control panels and will automatically record the actual production and every downtime event as it happens.

Shop floor personnel see the Real-Time production data on the large electronic QRD's displays sited above each line, and these are connected to Eildon's PC-CheckMate system making the Real-Time production data also available to management.

The operators code each downtime event into the TimeTracker Connect units as it happens and the data from the TimeTracker Connect units is downloaded to a central PC on request.

The management at Steetley now receive daily comprehensive reports on production and downtime.

New Markets

October 2002 saw Eildon enter new markets when we participated in the Texpo exhibition in Dubai, along with our Indian agent, Magnum Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. On display we had the CheckMate, QRD, and PC-CheckMate system. Magnum enhanced the stand with their Fashion House software product.

In a brand new, and excellent exhibition centre, Texpo attracted visitors from many countries in the Middle East, plus the Indian sub-continent and Africa. With enquiries received from all of these areas this was a worthwhile venture, and I expect it won't be long before we return to the Middle East.

- Mike Wilson

Exciting New Approach in Sri Lanka

With over 21 years experience Eildon have developed products specifically designed to monitor, in Real-Time, the output and efficiency of people and machines. This constant feedback has been shown to be extremely motivational and will generate a genuine increase in productivity. Eildon guarantee it.

Manufacturers will generally agree it is imperative they do everything possible to achieve optimum levels of output and productivity from both equipment and operatives. If they donít they run the risk their competitors will!

Recently, to assist manufacturers in Sri Lanka improve their output and efficiency, Eildonís agent, TCC SOLUTIONS (PVT) LTD, are now offering an exciting development...

Performance Development System (PDS)

- an approach which identifies the lowest performing operations, operators, or bottlenecks in the production lines, and sets out to systematically increase the efficiency in these areas. Once installed PDS is an ongoing process, allowing corrective action to be taken as performances drop, and bottlenecks develop.

TCC have Eildonís CheckMate and QRD products available for use solely with PDS. A package will be offered to customers which will include the use of these products during the initial weeks/months as PDS is established, and this includes training provided by TCC personnel.

Eildonís prior experience with PDS is that manufacturers can achieve productivity increases in excess of 20% from a single production line.
As always, we guarantee manufacturers will achieve an increase in output and efficiency with Eildon products.

If you would like more information about PDS contact either ashique@tccpl.com at TCC, or sales@eildon.com at Eildon.

New PC-CheckMate System Released

Eildon now offer a Windows 9x version of the PC-CheckMate System, available in single-user or network versions. Click here to download a demo version.

New developments

CheckMate, our most successful motivational tool, was recently upgraded as part of our continuous improvement and development programme.

We do listen to suggestions and ideas in relation to our products, and we would like to hear from anyone who has any comments.

Please email sales@eildon.com