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Large Display




For use in large open areas such as bottling plants,textile plants,warehousing, packaging etc:

Provides customised production information which is designed to motivate by giving instant feedback to workforce,supervisors and management of current performance against target.

This unit can be linked to the QRD CheckMate to provide full management control and monitoring.

The latest Eildon product is an extra large display, as yet un-named. Measuring 1.00 by 0.70 metres this display has been specifically designed for use in large open areas; bottling plants, textiles, warehousing, packaging, etc.: The first four of these displays have recently been installed at Comer Yarns in Donegal, where three automatically monitor in Real-Time the efficiency of roving machines, the fourth monitors the combined efficiency of 18 combing machines. Eildon have secured an order from United Distillers for 45 displays which will monitor the output and efficiency of bottling lines on four sites.

Examples of it’s effectiveness can be found at Comer Yarns and United Distillers installations.

At United Distillers where up to 12000 bottles per hour were coming off the production line management wanted to ensure that production capacity was maximised and they wanted a user friendly and low maintenance system to achieve this.

They installed 45 LDU’s and found that they achieved a considerable productivity increase and that the complete system paid for itself very quickly and that in addition to the motivation and friendly competitiveness it inspired on the production lines if a line went down the LDU helped to pinpoint the fault and increased the sense of urgency to get the line up and running again as soon as possible.

Comer International one of Europe's largest polyester/wool and polyester wool/lycra weaving yarns suppliers installed 4 LDUs on 18 combing and roving machines so that they could be constantly aware of the running time,standing time,and efficiency of the machinery.

They found that before the installation they had difficulties in maintaining the balance through combing and roving but now everyone can see performance at a glance and take timely action as necessary.