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Comer Large Display

Electronic Production Displays installed at Comer's Bunbeg Plant

Eildon Systems of Galashiels, UK, have developed a large electronic production display, with 10cm red LEDs, to automatically monitor the real-time efficiency of textile machinery for Comer International, one of Europe's largest suppliers of polyester/wool and polyester/wool/lycra weaving yarns.

Four of these large displays have been installed on the combing and roving machinery at the Comer plant in Bunbeg, Co Donegal, Ireland. This allows the company to know the running time, standing time and efficiency of the machinery - at all times during every shift. Mr Barry Richardson production director, commented: In just a few months we have achieved a 3-4% increase in out-put.

The modern machinery at Comer has built in computers which amass a variety of data but without any visible, constant, minute by minute feedback of what is actually being achieved.

The displays ensure everyone knows exactly how the machines are performing against the expected efficiency target. Eildon comment. Constantly receiving signals from the machinery the displays are highly visible and dynamic, being updated every six seconds.

Comer's management were looking for the real-time average efficiency of 18 combing machines. To satisfy this requirement Eildon designed a control box which is linked to all 18 machines. This recognises at any time which units are running and which are standing, and for every actual minute of time, adds 18 minutes to the display.

During one 480 minute shift a total of 8,640 minutes, either running or standing times will appear on the display, together with the real-time average efficiency.

Mr Richardson remarked: Before we installed the Eildon displays there were difficulties maintaining the balance through the combing and roving machines. Now, everyone can see at a glance at any time and take the necessary action. This has been a good investment for Comer, and we are looking at an installation in our spinning machinery.

The Eildon displays are designed in a vertical format, measuring 103cm x 69cm x 9 cm, and feature (from top to bottom) running minutes, standing minutes and efficiency. The units supplied to Comer have a maximum range of 99,999 or 9,999.9 minutes. For other applications, Eildon can also offer versions to count in metres or units.